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  • 1976 - 2017

    A brief Overview

    Jinkushal Industries Pvt Ltd is a diverse group with operations ranging from Mining to Construction to Rice Milling & Exports to Heavy Construction Equipment Exports to Third Party Warehousing & Logistics to Real Estate to Processed foods to Salon Chains. Jinkushal Industries Pvt Ltd is a family controlled business with majority of the stakeholders and promoters and Directors being member of the Lodha (Jain) family.

    The core business of mining was initially started by the patriarch of the family Mr. Pukhraj Jain. We and our sister concerns have been in the mining industry since the past 40 years in one form or another.

    The second generation of the family has 3 brothers, sons of Mr. Pukhraj Jain who diversified the business made the family business a regional powerhouse. A lot of diversification took place at this stage of the group. All of them were extremely successful achieving monetary profits for the group along with establishing a strong foothold for the group in Central India. The Lodha Family is a force to reckon with today in Central India due to the efforts of the untiring and relentless endeavors at this stage by the second generation of the family.

  • Mr. Anil Jain, son of Mr. Pukhraj Jain, and the current MD of the group, took over the helm and the group ventured into automobile service industry, real estate, construction, rice milling and exports and heavy equipment trading under his business acumen and hard work. The business network and reach of the company became national due to his warm and friendly relations with client and suppliers alike. The excellent reputation in all aspects, today of the group is due to his efforts and the hard work he has put in the forming years and even today strives for excellence in all departments.

    The third generation of the company has recently entered the group and started managing business operations & activities. At this stage the group is firing at all cylinders and accelerated growth in all the businesses is being pursued by the third generation. The Rice business is being expanded and capacity addition has been done. Exports division of Heavy Construction equipment, Domestic and International Sales of Rice is being headed by Mr. Abhinav Jain, Son of Mr. Anil Jain, Director and Number 2 man in the company right now. Day to day operations of most businesses are also being spearheaded by him. Under his guidance the group has started expanding the global business and he is playing a big role in establishing the business as a global force after his forefathers establishing the group as a regional institution. The mining operations are being headed by Mr. Sumit Jain and Mr. Saurabh Jain of the third generation of the family. They are the elder first-cousins of Mr. Abhinav Jain and have taken the core ancestral mining business to new heights with the sharp strategical skill set and guidance of their father and elder brother of Mr. Anil Jain, Mr. Sunil Jain. Sumit Jain, the eldest member of the Third generation of the family and the first to enter the business in the third generation has taken the initiative to diversify the group and at the same time maintain unity and sticking to the core business of the family.

    Mr. Manoj Jain has taken the helm of real estate and construction business of the group and excelled added the great contribution.

    The group and its members have a strong will to leave an impact on the society and the members want to carve a name for themselves in the World Stage among global powerhouses. With hard work and strategy and of the senior members Jinkushal Group of Industries definitely hopes to achieve the same.

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